Language Comprehension Lab at AMLaP conference

June 14, 2023
The Language Comprehension Lab will be present at the AMLaP 29 conference, Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing, which will take place in Donostia–San Sebastián, Spain, from August 31 to September 2, 2023. PI Eva Wittenberg, PhD student Elena Marx and Alper Demircan alongside visiting student Oliwia Iwan will be presenting the following works at the conference.
  • Alper Demircan, Natalie Sebanz & Eva Wittenberg: Different languages do not prevent joint memory
  • Elena Marx, Oliwia Iwan, Eva Wittenberg: Event structure predicts temporal models: Evidence from English, German and Polish past-under-past relative clauses
  • Elena Marx, Oliwia Iwan, Eva Wittenberg: Crosslinguistic patterns of anaphor resolution in English, German, and Polish
  • Elena Marx, Eva Wittenberg: Event structure predicts temporal order inferences in discourse comprehension
  • Natalia Jardon Perez, Elena Marx, Eva Wittenberg: Perfect tense renders events into states: Empirical evidence from individuation

More information can be found at the conference's website: