Upcoming conference presentations

January 31, 2022

CEU's Language Comprehension Lab is looking to present new work at two upcoming conferences, namely this year's annual conference of the Human Sentence Processing society, and ICLaVE 11:

  1. Elena Marx & Eva Wittenberg: Far from independent: Matrix-driven temporal shift interpretations of English and German past-under-past relative clauses. Poster, HSP, Santa Cruz.

  2.  Daniel Kleinman, Rachel Ostrand, Adam Morgan, & Eva Wittenberg: Lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on language processing. Poster, HSP, Santa Cruz.

  3. Eva Wittenberg, Almut König, & Mechthild Habermann: Connecting variationist lexicography, grammatology, and psycholinguistics. Talk, International Conference on Language Variation in Europe 11, Vienna, Austria.